I met Nolan and Jackson’s Mommy after she contacted me for maternity photos of their first baby daughter Hailey and have done multiple sessions for them since. I dearly love watching my newborn clients grow! Just before we moved to Houston I got an excited message from their Mommy, she was expecting twin boys and wanted me to photograph them. I was devastated to have to tell her that we were moving.

Flash forward a few months and we decided to visit WA before school started. Little did I know that multiple blessing would come of the trip. Babies were born so I made plans to meet up with two friends and their newborns to do photos. My big suitcase was stuffed to the gills with girly props for these sessions! 

Flash forward and we are visiting my family and Harvey is hitting Houston which was another blessing for our little family as I had our 4 year old and 18 month old with me. Had we been here they would have been in a flooded house!

Then I see the Facebook post, Nolan and Jackson had been born! My heart leapt, they had already hired a newborn photographer but I still wanted to offer images as well so I sent a message and got a thrilled yes back from their Mommy! I was absolutely thrilled and rushed to get boyish props to use for them! I’m so happy with the result.