1 in 4 women have experienced the loss of a pregnancy or infant. I know so many beautiful women who have including myself. That’s a lot of grief out there. But we are so blessed, blessed because as believers God has promised us eternal life and while our arms are empty of that child, God’s aren’t. He’s taking care of our precious babies and we will one day hold them again. The arrival of a baby after experiencing infant loss or miscarriage is termed as a Rainbow Baby. I find this so fitting as a believer. After this huge storm that we’ve gone through a rainbow. The rainbow, a promise from God.

So meet Brinley. Brinley’s older sister went to be with God at 3 months old less than a year ago. She’s a beautiful example of God’s love for us and I am so blessed to have been able to collaborate with Jennifer Duke Photography to provide this beautiful rainbow baby setup!