Christmas Bear…

My Grandparents loved Christmas. Especially my Grandma Dulcie. She owned countless ugly sweaters that she’d proudly don on Christmas morning. She had a passion for Snowmen. She was just the epitome of festive and she loved spending the day with family.

Every year the day after Thanksgiving we’d go over and help them set up for Christmas. Never before because she wanted to recognize Thanksgiving and give it it’s due diligence and take the time to be thankful. But as I said, the day after was Christmas! My Dad would help her get down the countless boxes of decorations, lights and Christmas Tree. Then we’d get busy. Men folk handled the red and white lights on the house and womenfolk  would transform the Livingroom. The fireplace mantel was dedicated to the massive accumulation of Snowmen, but eventually took over couch table and entryway too. It wasn’t uncommon for family members to gift them to her on Christmas. She loved each and every one of them. My favorite was one that my Aunt Carole made… a Melted Snowman.

After the snowmen went up the couch got pillows and tree was decorated there was one more essential Christmas item. He was downstairs in a closet for safety. Christmas Bear. He played obnoxious Christmas songs in loud tones but we loved him. This year I was contemplating things I loved about Christmas and I realized that I missed that darn Christmas Bear. I’m not sure what happened to him honestly. But Nick found one on Ebay. He arrived today and he’s exactly what I remember. Brown paws that trigger music when pressed and a light up red heart and Santa outfit. The girls love him already!

Meet Christmas Bear….